Escenarios en Iquitos

The regional Directory of Culture in Loreto,(Peruvian Jungle) has been developing a series of exhibits, interventions and installations in the public space under the concept Artistic Emergency in Iquitos, which refers to the idea of a city in a estate of emergency, and at the same time, the appearance of emerging artists with new proposals in a place of development.

Within this dynamic, the visual artist Marco Saldaña Soria proposes a surprised take on public spaces in the heart and the surroundings of the city of Iquitos, confronting images that suggest a reflexion around our indigenous Identity and the risk, our most authentic cultural manifestations, are going through. In this way, Marco Saldañas´s project named ¨Escenarios¨, is a clear example of the unlimited possibilities of Art dealing with traditional themes with extremely contemporary languages, and in this way, a powerful weapon that defends our vast culture.

Text: Christian Bendayan