Memoria Canalla

Memoria Canalla (2009) Bogota Colombia
Aesthetics and politics of the streets

¨Their laws are inmoral but my delinquency has principles¨
Keny Arcana / France.

Memoria Canalla is an international exhibition that reunited in the museum of Bogotá, diverse social and plastic elements, in relation to the street art movement of Colombia.
Various urban artists of countries as Perú, Argentina, Italy, UK, México, Australia and Brazil, have been invited to participate.

The Fumakaka crew and Marco Sueño, who exhibited ¨Project Scenarios¨ in the city of Bogota, represented Perú, highlighting the similarities that exists between Perú and Colombia within their cultural and social process.

Sueño´s postings consisted of 10 illegal interventions downtown Bogota and a central photographic mural in a peripheral zone of the city, closing his participation with a conference in the ASAB (Superior Academy of the Arts of Bogota)