Mural fotografico CCE

Marco Sueño and Christian Rinke, contemporary photographers from diverse schools, interested in themes like visual anthropology and urban art, brought to ¨The Rhythm Tree¨ (peruvian box) a photographic intervention, on the side wall of the Spanish Cultural Center.
The montage of this piece, was proposed as the ¨descontextualization¨ and ¨reconstruction of an AfroPeruvian scenario focused in music.
The intervention was made with over 30 photographs, all of them taken specially for the creation of this piece in the neighborhoods of La Victoria and El Carmen.
During the stay of both photographers in these neighborhoods, they stablished direct contact with family members and people related to the music scene and the ¨Peruvian (music) box¨, in places where they shared daily activities and traditional celebrations, which allowed them to develop these group of images, made into a photomontage of 300 m2 as the end result, which when exhibited in the streets of Lima, searchs to generate a reaction and bring knowledge of the proposed theme, involving the common pedestrian.

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Pechakucha vol 3 Marco sueño