Proyecto Escenarios

Scenarios Project (2009) Lima, Peru
To Dis-place and generate identifications – The territory is where thought and memory take a stroll.

Lima, grey and derailed, made by a puzzle of realities that interact to to rhythms of synergy and fragmentation.

We determine as nexus the concept of displacement of images, for the selection of spaces and situations tied to visual antropology and street art, establishing a dialogue with their people, presenting and recognizing representative pieces of Perú and talks about themes like migration from the interior provinces to the country´s capital.

The mechanism adopted to invigorate this process of question without an answer, will be the disposition in the streets of the city, of images tied to life in communities of peruvian jungle. We will use walls and facades to install in public spaces, being the natural habitat of the collective and common pedestrian´s transit, where the interaction does not tied into properties, but serves as a reflection of identities.
Text. Lorena Durand.